For decades, we have been devoting our energy and knowledge to only one thing: fashion. We have decided to respond to the infinitely diverse demands of fashion to serve our expertise to women, children and men around the world. We are committed to fulfilling this mission responsibly. I grew up in a big family. Inspired by the fact that we dressed in beautiful clothes, every Sunday nicely dressed, we had to look elegant in the church. We honored God and the place. This is how my parents raised us. My 3 sisters and one boy brother left a very deep mark on my childhood. My first labeled bag was made in memory of my sisters, which was about the ideas of smart girls. “Spirit by clever girls” We liked to dress in the same clothes, so my new clothes collections were much better.


For us, design is not just about form and function, but about curiosity, mindset and community. I believe that design carries the shaping force that can exert a beneficial effect in everyday life and provides a new perspective on how things work, which also carries the potential for a happier and safer lifestyle.





Every day we feel the aura of creativity, knowledge and willingness to act that pervades Hungary today. I believe that the intensification of the current fertile creative forces will break into the international public consciousness in an explosive form, and that Hungarian design will occupy a worthy place in the world in the future.


Tailoring is a wonderful thing. Before cutting, before you cut into the fabric, you run your eyes once again through the contour lines drawn on the fabric and your adrenaline level rises for a few minutes, whether you are a beginner or have been tailoring for years… You need to know the shape of the tailoring patterns, without it you can’t calculate your material needs, nor can you make changes to your tailoring pattern. It’s good to know how to put your cut pattern on the fabric and what you should never do… It doesn’t hurt to know how to mark the various markings on the fabric that you can’t ignore when sewing It doesn’t matter if you know a few tricks. Which makes your job easier while cutting and sewing If you are looking at a drawing of a garment, it is advantageous to recognize what and how many parts it is sewn together… but this also requires knowledge of the first point…


Thanks to my history in the clothing industry, I know almost all types of sewing machines and I can work on them. QUALITY is my best friend. My small office is equipped with basic machines, but several seamstresses who have a similar history sew and bring the right quality. The dexterity: In fact, there are those who immediately get their hands on sewing, but we haven’t seen anyone decide to learn to sew yet, and they wouldn’t have succeeded. There is only one secret: practice and perseverance. Because everyone can learn to sew!


The STELLADESIGN brand was dreamed up by a blonde little girl from Transylvania. In 2004, with a lot of experience behind him, he opened Stella Design Ltd. Thanks to the professional studies of his old teachers, a dream came true and a new one was created in the fashion profession.

I dreamt of a world for myself, Here I am standing at its gates. Give me strenght to step inside, I have faith in front of the tall walls. (EDDA)